#bellessere #salottodelleleganza Ambassador. From Toronto JP Osorio

Juan Pablo Osorio from Colombia but based in Toronto. JP is 28 yo 190 cm Fitness enthusiast and fashion/style lover he works and hustles in the hospitality industry as a bartender/server, but his energy and passion at what he does, makes him get closer to his dreams and goals. He’s always looking to challenge himself, Physically and mentally as an example he just climbed the CN TOWER in 13:50 where he believes the next year will beat that time again and compete for the best times accomplished, he carries a large smile attracting positivity and great energies.

“The fact that you didn’t start from an early age doesn’t mean that u can’t do it, don’t be so hard on yourself the time is now, taking action is what really matters, be humble, learn lots, make mistakes, listen, do but most importantly, enjoy the journey; you will be surprised the places it might take you. Set up a plan, stick to it and work hard, work as you are not expecting anything from anybody hustle your way up than when you do,  the universe and it’s energy starts bringing the right people at the right place into your life.”